Christmas Crafting

I never professed to be an artist, but every Christmas I make my gifts. Little do I know of what becomes of my crafts, but I want to make my friends and coworkers smile. Here, I post pictures from tonight’s project.

I began by asking my coworker to send me a picture of her new puppy. She found this question odd, but proceeded to text me the image.

I began by asking my coworker to send me a picture of her new puppy. She found this question odd, but proceeded to text me the image.

So I am not the best drawer, or painter. Ask me to draw a cat and I couldn’t do it with my own head. After my coworker sent me a picture of her puppy, I used a sketch effect on an online photo editing program, just so I could get something more clear-cut to copy with a pen and notebook paper.


I tried my best in drawing Bear, with the little art lessons I’ve had in sixth grade. Most can tell Bear’s a dog, so I moved on to the next step.


On my Etsy shop, you’ll notice that all my goods are made with magazine paper and Mod Podge. In October of 2013, I won a drawing for two years’ worth of magazines. Not only do I get the news and politics that I genuinely enjoy reading, but I get those glossy Vogues, Elles, and Luckys. Cosmopolitan too. While these are worth laughing at, they take up a lot of space. Currently, I have three large cardboard boxes completely filled with fashion magazines. My ultimate goal is to use all that paper for arts and crafts. Thank you, Holiday Season.


As you can see, I’ve got tons of paper, and I do take time to make creative confetti as my roommates watch whatever entertaining show that runs at eleven thirty at night. I also have all these slabs of wood, and other scraps that I can’t bear to throw away. I am not a hoarder. My coworker disagrees.


Mod Podge is essentially fortified white glue (there are different varieties though, and you may have a preference for one over the other. I personally use the original for adhering paper onto wood and ceramics, the glossy for a nice finish that doesn’t necessarily call for a spray sealant or resin, and the antique type when I want to make three dimensional Instagrams). Here, I’ve pasted the confetti onto this slab of wood. I wasn’t particular about the directions these were pasted in, but I wanted to include a predominance of certain colors.



I had originally planned to take some scrapbook paper, use the dog I sketched on college-ruled paper as a stencil, and draw in details on the nicer paper. I chose not to do this. I attempted to paint what I simply slabbed on with Mod Podge.


Let me reiterate: I am no painter. Those brushstrokes we associate with Van Gogh? I don’t think I could ever replicate those. What happened was a poor simulation of Crayola scribbling, made better by smudging the paint with my fingers. Bear still looks like a dog. My coworker won’t be too disappointed, I hope.


Ah, Antique Mod Podge. The effect it leaves on your piece depends on how many layers you apply. I only opted for two layers. I really just wanted to bring out the color and outlines of Bear on Wood.


An hour later, and my gift is dry enough to handle. My roommates have given their nod of approval, though tomorrow morning, I will take the time to find a suitable picture frame. Bear is a new addition to my coworker’s family. He’s growing quite fast.

Today is December 22nd. Tomorrow I continue with holiday crafting, thankful that friends and coworkers all live within a ten minute radius.


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