Why I’m hesitant about returning to Facebook.

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Dear Feeders to Crouton-Lovin’ Cranes,

It was hard enough, setting up a LinkedIn profile to fulfill an implicit work requirement. But I grew to not regret it. After all, a third of research-related and freelance writing opportunities presented themselves through LinkedIn, and I felt I had more latitude in determining my visibility.

I also have a Twitter, used infrequently, but I appreciate the control in customizing my newsfeed to include my favorite media outlets. I’m a fan of strange headlines, comical never-isms, and striking epiphanies. You can also find these on imgur and reddit, though my eyes are sensitive and reddit can exhaust with its overabundance of text.

But Facebook, it’s vital to promotion. That’s what everyone says.

“You don’t even have to post your real name. In fact, don’t post a picture of yourself. Just feature your stuff on a page. It doesn’t even have to be a personal account!”

“Wait, so people can play P.I. behind some fabricated fan page for cardigan-wearing turtles?”

“Well, yes. There’s actually been some concern over that, but this is solely for you.”

I’m only pacing back and forth on the matter as I start taking crafting and writing more seriously. My neighbor and I have already drafted a creative sort of venture that we’re hoping to finalize in the next six months. She wants to try self-publishing first, and I’m very open to it, though I wonder if Facebook is just as vital as my entrepreneur-ish friends so claim when it comes to getting the word out.

Additionally, April 23rd marks my first art showcase, with a primary focus on my coasters and mixed media crafts. Most of what you’ve seen here that hasn’t been sold will be featured at the show, along with twenty sets of coasters.

Never did I think I’d be scouted for this sort of thing. And I probably wouldn’t have, if it weren’t for listing my actual location on my Etsy profile.

The nice thing is, the show is purposed towards helping local artists and hobbyists kickstart their endeavors. I know of a local weekend craft fair, but on top of the $75 table fee, you have to provide ten percent of the day’s sales. I’m just a novice, and to bring in revenue that makes the fees worthwhile seems a bit outlandish.

I do have to sell twenty tickets. Fifteen dollars each. The turnout seems decent. More than anything I’ve seen at recent college art exhibits, and I have a month and a half to issue my invitations. I remind myself, it’s local, so anonymous (or pseudonymous) interaction won’t help much.

I’m just as passionate about writing as I am with Mod Podge and acrylic paint. I’ve thought about making two separate pages (one for Let’s Coast and another for the blog), but then again, Crumpled Paper Cranes seems to touch upon everything and anything that makes me think too hard.

So, Thoughts by Kris, anyone? Krazy Kris? Kreepy Kris? No, not Kreepy.

I guess what I’m aiming at is a discussion on social media and how you use it to promote what you do. What outlets have worked best for you? Does Facebook help?

Sincerely, and with thanks,

Krumpled Kris


18 thoughts on “Why I’m hesitant about returning to Facebook.

  1. I use FB, but I have ratcheted down the permissions so that I have better control. Not perfect, but usable. I have a community page there for my blog and WP auto posts to it when I post. I have not really spent a lot of time developing the FB side so I only have like 85 or so followers there. I have 1800 on Twitter and I’m trying to break that magic 2000 mark.
    As far as a new blog name, how about Kris’s Kogitations 🙂 Unless you are looking for something more focused then I would need to know what you want to focus upon.

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    • Ah, nice! Thank you for your feedback. I guess for now I’m leaning towards Twitter. I’ll see how others have their FB pages designed and I’ll decide accordingly. I was thinking Kogitative Kris…but only after reading your suggestion. Thanks!

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