one time, in college.

sugar glider pillowcases
and tattoos acrylic
heave on a futon,
a breath from the ground.

quivering, in February

we settled for Domino’s at 8
that night,
and fought over five documentaries
that all touched upon
the same damn thing
across cities and slums
and suburbs and farms.

pheromones roam.
a path global.

you tell me I’m
the insensitive one
with the tasteless jokes
that litter your floor
like rotten saltines
licked by pigeons
that yes, have capacity
to enjoy the truth
of a Tootsie Roll Pop
that you so loathe,
and so I sit
with my bag of hearts
atop my knee
as I wonder
when exactly
did I learn
to be such a bitch.

you placed a rag on my forehead
and told me to calm down
while a bottle of lime conditioner
said goodbye to its
mild repute,
spread on tiles
where spiders cry.


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