thirty-five degrees,
and still, I walked.
to school, in a blouse,
as a scolding drove by.

defiance or ignorance.
take your pick.

to rebel entails a penalty,
for ignorance, shelter.
either, or, anyway,
the redness of frost
so burdens.

it’s been quite a while
since I checked the weather.

but I should.

forgetting your raincoat
to the pop of broken umbrellas.

twenty-one days
to rectify forgetting.

more like years.


2 thoughts on “damper

  1. Had to smile. This reminds me of my son in grad school in Ohio. He wore Birkies year round. Insanely, he grew up in California. Birkies in winter in Ohio didn’t phase him in the least. I’m not quite sure how that happened.

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