it’s time

Wave the picket sign.
hold it a bit longer.
I know, it’s somewhat heavy,
but you’ll look back at this,
either laugh, cry,
or treat your convictions
with a face palm.
but please,
don’t waste this
perfectly good whiteout
on the makeshift polaroid.
the cardboard flap
of a revolutionary.

Everyone’s a bit crazy,
and we’ll all contradict
and clarify the points.
what we really meant to say.
you’ll scribble, and scratch.
and hide what you so refused
to do when you passed
that could fit in the pockets
of legislators of whom you wonder.

What do they actually know?

At the sight of a Nerf gun,
or the ammo of paintball,
keep going.

How you punch the ballot
doesn’t stop me
from serving you
sweet pineapple tea
in the lobby
of my cat cafe.


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