north Texas autumn

we hugged in cold weather,
shared dreams over bowls
of the finest mi goreng
topped with a fried egg.
this was the life I dreamed of,
until I was asked
how much had been stashed
into savings.

they cared more about myself,
fretting over a midterm.

Plato and the Sophists.
where could I found a parallel?

you wanted to flee to New Zealand,
and I was to stand by your side.
your stay-at-home wife,
because, five years in time
there’ll be no rights to defend.

when someone told you “Hi,”
your sensibilities shook.


I stroked your face
and the madness born
in pus that seeps at a tweezer’s jeers.

Some rebel,
and I would nod.

It made you happy,
and left me reaching
for a voice that grabbed
for the concrete, blind.


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