Coaster Crazy – 36 Haikus

The weekend was somewhat stressful, and I’m sure the next two days will be similar as I wait for my display table to ship via Amazon and I begin my search for adequate display lights. Say, if anyone here can tell me how to properly hang cork-backed coasters on a chainlink fence, why, I’ll make you a free creation. I’m lost as to how to best hang them, and I have a little over forty-eight hours to figure it out. I’m showcasing eighty pieces. Since Friday, I’ve made thirty-six. In the spirit of crazy, I share the result of refusing sleep. Haikus included.

angular, like blades
of an honesty, not mute.
always sharp, my nose.

I am the home-cooked
sourdough and wool sweater.
solitaire’s costume.

IMG_1920Red Panda
at war with their eyes
dilating in amazement.
outwardly, I’m cute.

IMG_1904Lamprey Eel
you all thought me strange.
to a deep extent, it’s true.
but, I promise fun.

not an okapi.
just thought you should know by now
as I strive to hide.

IMG_1999Sugar Glider
the pet your child wants.
the escape your solemn fear.
please, lock all the doors.

holes in ice, pockets of air.
surfacing’s a chore.

I laugh at your face
pressed against sugary walls
and wrinkled pillows.

IMG_2083The Gratuitous Pikachu
I am not a joke,
though Mondays certainly are.
read my cardboard sign.

IMG_2157Sea Snake
pythons are snooty
and I do have my bad days.
assuredly dark.

I’ve traveled in bounds,
dived into pools, chewing air
in contemplation.

recycled, these tubes
ensure my sanity, thinned
by dented trumpets.

indifference goes
to alleys known for safety,
but it’s fine to smile.

I roll in dustballs
for I am quite a dustball.
dustballs conquer time.

IMG_1876Baby Bird
my mother scolds me
as I shake, drenched in rainstorms,
while snickers echo.

inhale and exhale.
these pores are no match for creams
promising perfect.

drill and inculcate.
hypnotize the young; worship
the phase that made you.

Fridays are the best
so long as sleep remains near,
and voyeurs too far.

a mud bath restores.
but for once, don’t stop to think
I’ve forgotten you.

IMG_2076Iriomote Wildcat
ninety-nine of us
roam your highways at midnight.
another brief day.

IMG_2090Paper Crane
you folded a dream
tucked among would-bes that fell
down a shallow drain.

IMG_2069Honey Badger
I smack you soundly
when you loudly blab, on girls
and crass politics.

IMG_2098Tree Frog
can’t afford a boat
but desire a hundred,
drifting to normal.

my earnest greeting
warrants a pacifists’ smile
from jostled orcas.

IMG_1886Paper Crane, ii
here, beyond, out there.
you find there are folks who feel,
but think unlike you.

I crack my crawfish
like you stir your black coffee.
a task I must do.

leisure, chilled and sweet.
resting upon ivory.
meditation’s love.

cat’s cradle, when life
inflates to something scary,
but never for long.

knit like her resolve.
apt to collapse in summer.
ready for a wash.

IMG_1973Orange Juice
Vitamin C cures
everything, from blindness
to mad pizza burn.

I stole your muffin
with no remorse, and feelings
of joy at your frowns.

debutante balls and
cotillion, your labors
wilt and I smile, freed.

IMG_1971Two-Headed Salamander
which one of us wins
mother’s short-lived favor?
does it matter much?

the fools straight ahead
scare me plenty, to where I
tuck my head – give up.

when I stare, the girls
just laugh; shudder in silence.
pinching our dark cheeks.

mythical? not quite.
but if you think I’m tasty,
it seems you were fooled.


21 thoughts on “Coaster Crazy – 36 Haikus

  1. Guillaume Apollinaire’s first book was a sequence of short poems about animals (‘The Bestiary, or Procession of Orpheus’, with woodcuts by Raoul Dufy no less), and these remind me of them. It’s quite something to have captured an animal’s character in 17 syllables (and simultaneously on the surface of a coaster).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great work on the coasters and poems!
    The only advice I have for hanging cork coasters on a chain link fence is to drill small holes into the corners of the coasters and feed a wire through the holes. Then use the wires to tie the coasters to the fence.

    Since the coasters are different colors, you might be able to find similar colored or “clear” wire at a craft store.

    Another option is to slide the corner of the coasters under the wire in the fence and see if it’ll hold. (this may not work.)

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