IMG_2930going out to see
the wind at its best,
remembering the day
that you squeezed my hand,
to tell me
this world,
that sky,
and these sands.
would always be here.

my toes digging in,
my hands cupping
the assurance
of a salted, toffee calm.

and a bright red bicycle
on shells, cracked and whole.
my basket filled
with fluorescent laughs
and cowrie shells,
reminding me
as you once did,
that still,
oceans shine.


16 thoughts on “journeys

  1. You are so talented I am in awe. I am always curious about poets. I don’t think I have that in me. Although I will say I wrote something loooong that resembled a poem, once. I thought it was pretty interesting but couldn’t find anyone to agree. Maybe one day I will try again.

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    • I think you should find what you wrote, and/or try again. I believe that poetry and art are subjective. It’s really hard to say what is “good” and what is “not,” and if someone has it “in them.” I only started doing this (the coasters) in winter of 2013. I took some online drawing tutorials and took it from there. Then I decided to take my own spin on things without really worrying about the technicalities of art or things people go to art school for. I wanted to make things that expressed my thoughts and I experimented here and there. The same goes for poetry. You write and write, then you find different ways to phrase things (using metaphors and similes. I used a lot of memories and think of different ways you can describe them). Then you start working on the style, with stanzas and such. The good thing about free verse is the lack of a formal structure. It’s about honesty and expression. And that comes in many different forms that some may find cool and others may not. So, write poems!

      Thank you so much, Louise. Your support is very meaningful to me.

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