The Umpteenth Update

I’ve found myself busier than ever. A craft show each weekend, and a newly secured gig editing someone’s book. I still have my manuscript to complete. I know I had told those who wanted to be preliminary readers that I would have a draft prepared by May 31st. Perhaps. Perhaps not. But it will be ready when it is, I suppose.

Within the next few weeks, expect more of book reviews that I’ve owed people, and the delivery of several craft projects, if we made such an arrangement. I’ve also got some music reviews I’d like to share. While I’m constantly adding and erasing things in a day planner that my friends told me I’d throw away a week after New Year’s Eve, I’ll try to make up for things I haven’t been tending to as much, thanks to the adjustments that come with my “day job” and balancing it with a burgeoning freelance writing and crafting venture.

Oh, and the manuscript.

In terms of maintaining consistency, #NaPoWriMo was admittedly exhausting. But I delighted in participating in my first online blogging challenge. I was especially motivated by the emphasis placed on colors and localities, and I’d like to return to this kind of thing soon. I originally wanted to use the #NaPoWriMo poems as interludes for my manuscript, though I’m thinking about keeping the work strictly to prose.

I’m sure I’ll figure out something. The weekend is a cookie cake, ice cream smirking across chocolate chips whilst sprinkled with matcha powder that never made it to my baby blue thermos.

Wishing you all well,



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