to pacify

you stretched your arms my way
as I sat amidst books
read five years back
when no one of the daily
wanted anything of me.

save for a laugh
and talks over tables
that stood on one leg
like the arguments yelled
from the bus in its creaking fear.

steering wheel turning
counting the drops
of competitive rain
while violently lectured
on the virtue of community.

I always wondered how it could be
to ruin one’s life
with a bag of popcorn
when all it took was profanity
to make those dimples curl.

“no one has to live this way,”
you told me every year
when already it was dark
with a skyline unwilling
to rail the flight.

it had almost been a nap
tapering off a dusty ledge
where leaves of teal acrylic
shelter the bugs
sucking us dry.

but I wanted more than peace
and followed sounds of the unbecoming
knowing I’d be told to stop
though I thrashed in waves
like the tsunami’s quiet.

the ripest cherries
touch at the stems
in ripples of newborn light
with the window closed as usual
as tired wants still move.


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