my toenail

My toenail just fell off.

I thought I’d tell you,
among those in my contact list
because you’ve always been
so openly curious about
monotonies of the week
and thickness unsightly
when I least expect it.

I am holding my toenail.

You never asked me
to stop talking
about my life and
its scraping edges
and you even asked
that I mention a fruit
with similar bitterness.

The toenail rests on my tongue.

I will admit,
that I pay attention
to you more than dozens
who aggravate my frowns
so much that I’d try
the tastelessly crude
out in the cloudy open.

Chewing, I remember my toenail.

*Dedicated to kingtopher27.


11 thoughts on “my toenail

  1. Oh man, I have a toe nail story. To make a short story long, I got a new refrigerator that set lower than the other. I opened it barefoot one night and the door hit my middle toe so hard it tore my nail right off my toe. Moving ahead five years, what has grown back looks like a hoof. It grows straight up. Should I keep going?

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  2. Hmm the Tree of Life is a popping out over rover kind of day and I find this o o o so interesting. In fact, I have the same experience. My toenail, my pinkie ball toe expresses just today a tornequet like a thread from my dress from 1981 matching a package of tomato seed from 1981, then it pops into plastic, white matching whew and then it turns into mirror and then it turns into a stick, a tiney fir leaf, a flower petal, white, a ice cream dipper matching purple from a fuzz lint from my dress and then I chew it, and it pops into a rzor back top. Yeah I’m not kidding, but that’s alchemy. Orange, blue, green, red, purple, teal glitter, name it. . .i have popped it from my pinkie toenail. Oh alchemist, that’s what you are, I guess šŸ™‚ ā¤ ā¤ šŸ™‚

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