humility and hope – Thursday Doors

I don’t ever see myself
giving beauty pageants
money, time, restraint.

However, I would admit
that I’d give in
if there were a talent show.

Fitted teal jumper
and black Mary Janes
to seal a sheer pair of tights.

Dancing like some robot
because I’ve always believed
in doing my utter best.

I could sing a song
by Arcade Fire
about mountains and quitting pretentious things.

There’s also the option
of “Human of the Year,”
but Regina wouldn’t like it.

This is what we call
a stash of broken dreams,
or the middle school essay.

But if there lives
an optimism
at the cubicle’s edge…

It should be enough
to remind oneself
that she will be alright.

*The featured photo is of a door lacking a knob. I walk past it regularly on trips from work. The weathered wallpaper, images of protest, and of course, the shabbily graffitied message remind me of the importance of humility coupled with optimism when facing adversity. Truly, it is one of the most interesting and perhaps perplexing doors I’ve encountered, and I wanted to add it to Norm’s Thursday Doors collection. Check it out. The assortment is just as refreshing as it is thought-provoking. 


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