purritically incorrect

IMG_3937headlines in fine print
rival cries for attention
on celebrity blogs.

IMG_3940in the meantime,
the friends who’ve arrived
without notice
are breaking the rules
of what could have been
a decent game
of talkative Scrabble,

as anyone who cares
may stumble upon
these equally confused verses.


the ink that stains
this questioning face
will never compare
to perfection “never” reached
by Salvador Dali,
but unlike these Scrabblers
I’ve enjoyed deep tissue shiatsu.

Cat No. 43 of the 500 Cats Project



8 thoughts on “purritically incorrect

  1. Your header pic with the ink stained (?) cat reminded me of my second son’s experience with the teaching of reading in school. They had dumped the “old” methods and were into “the whole sentence” approach. He would come home with words he didn’t know, on bits of card, and was supposed to make sentences. Disaster! He didn’t start reading for fun until he was 17 or 18 years old.

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    • Howard! This is how I was taught to read in school. It didn’t help that my parents didn’t know some of the definitions of the words attached. I think this was back in 1999. If we didn’t know, we were supposed to use a dictionary, but in later years, when my high school English teacher told us about Thesaurus Jargon, I didn’t feel so bad about not knowing what the word “loquacious” meant, among others (back in the third grade, of course).


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