this sign on the road
leads me to a closing
of a raspy conversation
I cannot remember.

somehow, I’m held accountable.

I’ll need a new pair of jeans
by the shout of tomorrow’s alarm
that never pauses to consider
superior reasoning after nine.

my eyelids are actually quarters.

vending and folding on plastic tables
and nodding when I succeed
in finding legs without holes
for 7 dollars towards which I hold no argument.

already, I pray for a cold front.

*Lately, I’ve been experimenting. Creating a SoundCloud account is one of those things I’m testing out. You can find a reading of this poem here. I’ve always been nervous about reading my poetry in public, so I thought choosing an online venue would be a good start. There are also other files I’ve included for your listening curiosity as well. While I’ll be sorting through poems on the blog to feature on SoundCloud, requests are more than welcome if there’s a specific poem you want me to read that I haven’t yet considered. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support and readership.

SoundCloud – CPCranes


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