after ending services

you, former physician.

such for a reason
that I’m sure should not
be blanketed recklessly
onto every (other) individual
working the sterility
and cold reverberations
of spaces like the one
where we’ve met
time to time.

I don’t know what
should be said,
but at times I’ve felt
that my card should’ve
slept another two days
while I nodded.

cannot help but
count on now tan fingers.

children in law school
who say they cannot pass
a test that actually matters.

they, not golden,
and neither am I.

but I do not owe you
anything more
and perhaps I expected
too damn much.

however, do not expect
me to say things you
want to hear.

or explain why I refused
to talk as you tried
engaging in a grocery store
like we were almost friends.


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