I have since grown.

farther, soundless, shedding theories
from dull feet caked
and often bundled between sarcastic twigs.

it’s been quite a while, I’ll say.

soft enough to push through wire
and send that telegram
wishing you a birthday forgotten.

you’ll remember, the longer I stay.

running from fraternity, crossing streets
that red bulbs lit without thought
and the simplest strategies.

spotting more gum on concrete.

Cat No. 54 of the 500 Cats Project

what was left

A few more miles
I will walk.

Muddied, unrecognized
And bothered by dust.

Remembering the day
Of cradled urns.

Remains of their plight
Tousled in rain.

Tell me these tire marks
Are dark and real.

Scent of raw leaves
Not of a past.

Remind me that I am a droplet more
Than infancy’s scuffed shadow.

Cat No. 53 of the 500 Cats Project