Audio, video, disco. And more.

IMG_5264I’m out to learn exactly who I am, what I like, and what I’d like to do. You can call this a blog in which I find myself, or convince myself that in spite of foggy windshields, I’m still driving. And feeling. And singing strained covers of “Wheel in the Sky.”

I indulge in film, good literature, the practical and whimsical. Here, I hope to share my love of writing, in various forms. Poetry, short stories, articles about a variety of things, reviews, personal reflections,Β progress on my research, and updates on adventuresΒ in art and crafting. This blog touches on many things, often mismatched if extracted at random.

Others have called me a mess, and I’ve wondered, time to time, if that’s necessarily bad. I guess it’s all in your mopping technique, swiveling through floors kissed with dust bunnies and bobby pins, and whether the water you use is actually clean, mixed with bleach. And just how wet is that floor? Some days, I tend to slip. As many of us do when learning to accept the culmination of fingerprint paintings, tin can stilts, tests on basic stoichiometry typically taken after receiving our first driver’s license, silly telephone fights with someone you’ll never speak with again, overbearing, fluctuating rent, and more. Clumsiness is normalcy, while we stumble in our own little ways.

I guess, amidst the confusion, I’ve reassured myself with simple advice. The kind I’ve gotten as a teenager, when everything was the end of the world:

IMG_5241Learn what you want, and do what you love. The universe spans so vastly.

That being said, enjoy your stay, leave some words, or simply, sit back with a can of AriZona Green Tea. Pomegranate naps in my refrigerator, but there’s also cream cheese and Nutella. I’ve got this little enemy. We’ll call it overthought. I’d like to push it to the back of my shelf, go outside, run amok with dirty toes. And eventually, smile more often, as I’m asked why I don’t ever smile. But I do, drenching my stationary with deep blue ink.

Let’s take the time to exhale. Or watch me as I try.

222 thoughts on “Audio, video, disco. And more.

  1. You are so famous and prestigious. It took you years to gain this many followers, likes, and comments. I only started four months ago. Blogging is amazing. A permanent record of your art in word form. Remarkable! Prople like you give me the vision of how i will be in future. Acknowledged for my articulate mind and ambivalent humor. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you for your kindness. I am happy to hear you are enjoying your stay. Blogging is great. I was skeptical of it at first, but I’m thankful that I stuck with it. Interestingly, I have found that in “real life,” it’s kind of a no-no to bring up blogging as a hobby, but writing is such a release for me, and I am happy to have met so many interesting and talented people through this medium.

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      • I feel the exact same way. The public don’t appreciate blogging and just how much it helps ourselves and our readers. Its my favorite coping skill and i will never run out of things to say. There is so much discover and feel in this world to ever stop writing my observations πŸ™‚

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    • Why, hello, Rob. It was very nice meeting you today. In terms of firecrackers, I can’t say I have much to offer right now. I’m actually taking a brief break from posting on the blog until I’m done editing my manuscript draft, but I am glad you stopped by. I will be visiting yours soon!


  2. Went through a couple of your posts. Loved them.Keep writing πŸ™‚

    I just started my blog on behalf of my company.Would really appreciate if you could give me your valuable feedback πŸ™‚

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  3. Hiya Ms Cranes ^_^ I’m sorry I took so long to read your book. I’m going to mail you this week with my notes, but I’d like an idea of the things you’d like to hear about it, what sorts of categories you’re looking for. I had/ have a very tall stack of reading but I did mean to finish sooner on yours, I apologize for taking so long.

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  4. Hi friend.
    to receive an email copy of my painting, you merits my friend… have to send email messages ( with: * Your name. * Your blog. * Your country. * 3 Painting chosen numbers.
    If your email message does not arrive before the end of Tuesday. I’ll have to choose another candidate for the gift of this week in the waiting list.

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  5. You seem to me a very interesting person and a great way of explaining ones self…
    I want to thank you for all the love on my blog : ) I look forward to reading more from you so I followed you lol…
    Please stay in touch

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