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Fumbling by Leisure, Singing to Cake

Audio, video, disco. And more.

Learn what you want, and do what you love. The universe spans so vastly.

That being said, enjoy your stay, leave some words, or simply, sit back with a can of AriZona Green Tea. Pomegranate naps in my refrigerator, but there’s also cream cheese and Nutella.

This is a sandbox for handfuls of thoughts, spontaneous and planned.

231 thoughts on “Audio, video, disco. And more.

    1. Hello, Therapy Journey. So happy you stopped by! Let me try to explain:

      1. If you look between the beginning this blog was made (May 2014) to October of last year, you can see I didn’t post nearly as much as I do now. At the time, I had a job that kept me pretty busy well after office hours.
      2. When I started writing a lot, it was during my holiday vacation and use of whatever other vacation days I didn’t already take. That was a good two weeks of writing.
      3. The week of New Year’s Eve, I made a list of all the things I was interested in and wanted to write about. For some of these items I made outlines of points to cover, which makes writing easier for me now than before. I was in a personal rut with no motivation, always wanted to write in my free time, but was afraid of this stigma attached to blogging and creative writing that I long sensed when growing up and during school. I went into college wanting to major in English, but chose other areas that I only thought would “get you a job.” After graduating, I learned that it’s more of a matter of “doing as much as you can with what you have.”
      4. This blog, while focused on writing (mainly poetry, but of course there are other things), is a way for me to “get over” a lot of things that happened in a relatively short amount of time, and deal with certain challenges. Mainly, low self esteem, anxiety, and anger management. I find that when I write out my thoughts, even in an essay format, I feel a lot better. I’m able to express myself more clearly when interacting with others face to face. I’ve been able to handle and present myself better.

      5. I think the things I mentioned played a major role in getting a new job the beginning of January. Not only is the job more relevant to my longterm career interests, but the Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm schedule with no obligations afterward really gave me breathing room to further pursue creative writing. Before the blog, I devoted a lot of my time to technical writing (freelance work). I still do it, but not as often.

      (Additionally, there are several days out of the week when I struggle going to sleep.)


      1. This is obviously very impressive! You are a writing machine! What I find incredible and wonderful is that with the numbing, tiring weight of the working routine, you were still able to function creatively and consistently. That in itself is an achievement. I only really have time to think at the weekends.

        You touched on the idea that certain period are very productive whilst during others you remain fallow. I find that I might have a burst of writing energy but it generally doesn’t last longer than 4 weeks. What’s your limit for writing at full throttle?

        That’s interesting you mention a stigma attached to writing, because to be honest, I don’t see it at all. Writers are generally more self-interested – kind of goes with the territory – but I’m not sure how society at large perceives the profession/ hobby. Isn’t everyone a writer these days, we all have to be, the amount of time we spend t-y-p-i-n-g things, wasn’t always this way…

        I’m happy that you spent some downtime thinking about what you want to write about, because this is a kind of goal in itself which brings its rewards.

        This has all got me thinking quite a bit about writing, it’s quite a thing really! I’m so glad we can reach people, heal, make ourselves known, and have a bit of a laugh.

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      2. I would say my writing bursts stop after four weeks as well. Before, it was a matter of wanting to write, but not exactly knowing what to write about. So I have that list in my notebook that I add to, and check items off accordingly. Last year, I could only write an essay or poem perhaps once or twice a month. Something happened in December that made all these ideas rush back. I think it had to do with finding old photos on an older computer and unearthing a blog I had when I was around fourteen through sixteen. Now that was amusing.

        Also, little things like my lunch break allow me to jot down things to post and draft in my planner. I know when it comes to blogging, some people like to schedule their posts and have a bit of a series going on. I usually just share what comes to mind and categorize it accordingly.

        The thing I was so amazed by was the community here on WordPress. I didn’t know that to share your posts, you had to make tags. That changed everything. I’m so happy to read the thoughts and happenings of others, and there’s nothing like reading something that resonates, or hearing that someone can relate with what you share!

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  1. Thank you for following my blog! “Learn what you want, and do what you love.” You nailed it. I can’t wait to see what write!


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  2. Look forward to reading your poetry, thanks for the follow, and to anyone who’s reading this, check out my blog, I also do poetry, rap pieces, and other Hip-Hop inspired articles.
    -One Love,

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  3. Thanks for following Travel Bugg. We have similar goals so keep pushing! You will run that mile and write that novel. ^.^


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  4. Peace and thanks for following my me. Briefly read over some over your stuff… Good stuff. I saw something that said you write for work. What exactly do you write for work? Hope all is well.

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    1. Hi, Sean! Thanks for stopping by! I do freelance writing, to include standard web content for small businesses and reviews of books. I’ve also created infographics and written informational pieces for nonprofits. However, this is not my day job. I can’t disclose where I work, but from eight to five, it’s in a standard office. πŸ™‚


      1. Meant to say *my blog, not “my me.” I need an editor, hah. No doubt on stopping by your blog. Thanks for reading the haiku I wrote. Book reviews? Would you want to look over a short story or two? Haha, that’s quite alright about not disclosing your place of work. At least it’s not a nine to five, eh?


      2. I will look over your blog and see what I can do. I have several works in queue right now but I will try to get something for you. I’m trying to get accustomed to doing more reviews, so the more opportunities, the better. πŸ™‚


      3. These aren’t on the blog due to a few submission guidelines at places I’ve sent them out to. I don’t necessarily need a review, more a friendly read through.


  5. Thank you for creating the wonderful space that you do on this blog! It’s so inspiring and refreshing to see other humans being who they are and shining their light. The universe is a vaster place than any of us could imagine, reflecting each other back in so many ways. This reminds me of an e. e. cummings line of poetry: “I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.”

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    1. You are so sweet. Like honey, which I’m learning to add to my homemade tea lattes instead of sugar. This is very meaningful to me. I love your blog as well. Your most recent post was wonderful. I will watch the link you attached over the weekend.

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      1. As a psychology major in college I remember reading several articles on the importance of animals and companionships in these scenarios. It’s very much a shame that this kind of thing happens so often.

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  6. Duckbill Platypussessess are awesome. Looks like you’ve put a lot of thought into your blog. Nice reading things from young people other than red carpet fashion styles or LeBron James stat line. Keep up the nice work.

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  7. Nice to know your passions.
    Hope yo achieve your wishes soon.
    I am happy to find that you follow Meenas Poems.
    I write with a passion, same as you.Do you like the poems?
    If so, I would be delighted.
    Wishing you all the best, my girl

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  8. At my age, I don’t run much, let alone sprint, but I like to feel the earth shake when I walk. If you squint and concentrate, you hear the rock rumble beneath my footsteps. Or so I think–but that’s good enough.

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  9. I’m this dreadful mood and I have a sappy request. Can you make a recording of one of your more sweet writings on soundcloud and post it? It would literally make my day just about now.

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      1. Please do send me a tell here when you do another, my ability to follow accounts is horrid. Again your voice is actually made for such a way of sharing.

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      1. I acknowledged that in the original post on my sight. I didn’t take the time to see who all had been nominated for it, so to those who have, just accept it as a warm compliment. πŸ™‚ Later!

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