Featured Writing and Contributions

IMG_5523Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
JOURNAL OF ASIAN POLITICS AND HISTORY – China’s Political Liberalization: Ten Years after its Accession to the WTO

SANGLAP: JOURNAL OF LITERARY AND CULTURAL INQUIRY – Personhood: Fukuyama’s Caveats and Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go

BOLD + ITALIC – Quarters


dineANDrhyme – Willy B’s

DRUNK MONKEYS – Pressing Down the “B” Button

EUNOIA REVIEW – campaign trail | aligned by a garbage bin | news of last night | catching the nest | private schools and sports clubs

IN BETWEEN HANGOVERS – Nostalgia 2013 | Between Apartment Walls | Early Dawn’s Solicitations | Inspired by that episode of Portlandia… | The Dr. Phil Show, Summarized | Parties Two Weeks From Christmas

KATZENWORLD – Purrsday Poetry: This that they call mania

KINGDOMS IN THE WILD – carnations for your quota | The Fondest Farewell

NICE CAGE – On Birth Control

OCCULUMCongestion | Crack

PHILOSOPHICAL IDIOT – Watching You Pretend

THOUGHT CATALOG – Observations From Inside An Empty Starbucks | Finding The Colors Of Life

UGLY SAPLING – Scraped Knees

VAGABOND CITY LITERARY JOURNAL – the coolness of your talk

WORDS AND FEATHERS – such is her finesse

Prose, Essays, & Personal Essays-Turned-Listicles
FORAGE POETRY – Why Are You Here?

HUMANS – Why We Should Never Throw Away Photos of a Road Trip Taken With an Ex | Asking and Explaining – The Motivation to Cheat and Unfulfilled Needs


LONGEVITY – Dear Stress

LOVE LETTERS TO SPAM – Open Letter Apologizing To A Former Crush

THOUGHT CATALOG – 15 Personal Notes I Wish I Could Stuff Into Fortune Cookies | 9 Signs That Romantic Relationships Aren’t For You (And Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About It) | Why Cohabitation Scares Me

VENDING MACHINE PRESS – Fourth of July 2016

WEASEL PRESS – In the Wake of Faulty Kitchen Appliances

Flash Prose
HOBART – From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

PHILOSOPHICAL IDIOT – Morning Coffee | Abstinence and Propriety

RAMBUTAN LITERARY – Andrew Zimmerman Knows

SEA FOAM MAGAZINE – Omens in Odd Headlines


GEEKS – The Life Force Driving Us All – Color Symbolism in ‘American Beauty’

JOURNAL OF ASIAN POLITICS AND HISTORY – Review of Asia’s Cauldron: The South China Sea
and the End of a Stable Pacific, by Robert D. Kaplan