I called in sick today with 131 of my coworkers to #SaveRAICES from cronyism, mismanagement, and a paternalistic board who does not believe we deserve an inclusive national search for a qualified CEO.

We are dismayed that Ms. Schroeder does not appear to have any experience in immigration law, civil rights law, or federal litigation, and she lacks the experience of managing a unionized nonprofit organization, which are critical to the operation and success of RAICES

We will not condone backroom deals. Our clients, funders, & community members deserve better. We deserve to have a CHOICE about who runs an organization that represents thousands of our undocumented, migrant, and refugee communities.

The RAICES Workers Union demands the Board rescind Ms. Schroeder’s contract and reconsider the option of posting the CEO position publicly and engaging an executive firm to lead a national search. #SaveRAICES

You can read our full letter here: https://bit.ly/3DPI8k4