Dangling Mobile of Ordinary

Mercy of a lazy afternoon.

Babies asleep, sign on door says
it’s just not smart to ask for

Or start it.

The car battery’s given up for this
particular meantime. You can hold
your breath, but the bluebonnets
won’t. They did their time, daring
not to quiver as the babies smiled
on command.

Most people still have their senior

Nowadays, it’s a breakfast tray,
hosting more napkins than cups of
black coffee since the city declared
it wants to cut down. How many
cups could fit on the glossy block,
flat the way some people like their
leisurely soda?

I couldn’t tell you,
so I guess we’ll never know
while most of the questions
I’ve left by your door
run back to me, wet streets
stained, smelling of Big Red
that only I can taste.

You will discover more things that
always spun over your bed.

17 thoughts on “Dangling Mobile of Ordinary

  1. Firstly – this puts me in the mood for thinking of production vs raw. Duh – art moves so such is your compliment :). Alright your lighting is -> or right to left but in a way worth creating a fade out of the left to black for effect. Now demonstrating this in a still shot I could do but I’m lousy to video production this second but will look ;). – the point is this picture with “rio” which is under first paragraph showing black and white left and color right I would split you face some right version of b/w version here. But not color to black white just fade the lighting to silhouette / shade you. – this is not available in the programs of this reference https://7labs.io/mobile/video-filter-apps.html. Now for fun here is just a snazzy look – to just set the point imagery is fun but I’m curious after the symbolism apartment (t& a) pluck and beat (zither plucked and drum beat – gal playing zither faceless with t or chest and a drum an a or behind bottom caboose etc t&a) https://youtu.be/UiTMq0jE3Q0. But thus you see electricity within your fun singing can build to slick additional art and now if I can get a screen shot lol and show this to what I said at least! This is a phone which this moment is all I have handy I may be defeated! ๐Ÿ˜‰ https://youtu.be/QyDtAD-Ct6k for my phone thus allowing a picture which uploads to more power photo editors not video! But photo is a screenshot of your vid https://youtu.be/VdArIvLMI3I. (Success! – despite the hour spent now 3 writing this I am tenacious!!) what tool type I want – http://photoraster.com/DocToolLasso.php heh but with mouse? Nope phone here ๐Ÿ˜‰ and no I can’t learn in time best guess how to savvy like fake this. Five hours later… techradar on photo editors and loading mobile versions of four all failing I can not area select but I know how to screen shot! ( hence ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks ) but I can’t do more here to display my thought at this time. And thus I spent all afternoon on you and got the oven drawer working clean and pans cast iron scrubbed reseasoned here. Hugs hopefully I make sense but I doubt it.

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  2. This is just too cool ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved hearing you sing and personalizing the post beyond print. Felt like i’d invite you to coffee and poetry romps. But you’d have to sing alone, even my animals cover their ears when I sing hehe

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