recipe cards at rest

her shrunken pantyhose
now your tightrope.

she, the one gone crazy.

gifts are kindest
when given
without thoughts
wrung over, sink
of doubting,
choking hearts.

watch your breathing.

privileged are they,
and lucky us.

for once, take
your magnets
and arrange them
slowly, without
planning sleep.

hot water cleanses fear.

the turkey still hisses
louder than a wish.

Cat No. 99 of the 500 Cats Project

2 thoughts on “recipe cards at rest

  1. Excellent write
    the opening line catches well
    “her shrunken pantyhose
    now your tightrope”

    the turkey hissing
    choking hearts

    it feels like a pre Christmas meal prepping
    maybe with a touch of sensual depending on how you feel it out.

    well penned

    Liked by 1 person

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